Don't take our word for how awesome this book is, just take a look at all these smiling faces! Maybe It's A Sign was a book that was created out of pure love in the hopes of getting a little Jesus to the hearts of many. The book is filled with inspirational, silly and simple church signs from all over the country accompanied by words of hope, love and encouragement and some of the most beautiful quotes in scripture. Every. Single. Penny. of the proceeds goes back to The Love Bus and is distributed to those in need through our Acts Of Love. There is an option to buy the book for just $10 or you can donate a book for $5! So far we have donated 160 books to the following programs: Chillicothe Correctional Institute, Vista Care Center, Highland County Homeless Shelter, Hospice of the Western Reserve, Toledo Correctional Institute, Laura's Home, Traveling Mercy, Trust House, Celebrate Recovery, Veteran's Affairs, London Correctional Institute, Abigail Pregnancy Services, Cincinnati Restoration Church and the Genesis Program at Grace Chapel. There are so many more in need of the faith, hope and love that can only be found through Christ. So, we ask that after you buy one of these amazing little treasures for yourself you also search your heart and dig through couch cushions and maybe come up with the extra $5 it would take to send a little hope to our lost, hurting and forgotten brothers and sisters. So, go on, find your sign today! Also, don't forget to send us your book selfie at