Moving Mountains

We all have them right? Those things in our lives that seem unmovable. Those things we feel even God himself can't help us with. My mountain comes in the form of about 2000 Maybe It's a Sign.. books still taking up room in the garage. Every time I walk by them I kind of give a look to heaven like "Really dad? I thought you said you had this." My mountain, however, is a lot more than just the books in the garage. Those books are just the form my mountain is taking in this season. My true mountain, the mountain I try to climb daily, often failing in the process, that mountain has a name and it's name is doubt. Doubt in myself. Doubt in my calling. Doubt if my heart is in the right place. Doubt if I'm good enough, if this is going to mean anything, if I have enough strength to continue to face the rejections. And if we're being real honest, doubt in the power of God. The same God who brought me from the brink of insanity and restored me. The same God who whispered my name to me. The same God who has brought my husband into a deep faith and has healed our marriage. The same God who always slips in at that moment, that breaking point I'm gonna lose my darn mind moment, and always, always, always provides a miracle. Yep, I doubt that Guy. My brother, Jesus, said "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can say to this mountain move and it will move." I don't think that Jesus was talking about literal mountains here, although even that is not outside the realm of possibilities for our great God. I believe He was talking about our own personal mountains. Doubt, fear, addiction, homelessness, unemployment, broken homes, abuse, failing marriages. Those, my friends, are the mountains. And faith the size of a mustard seed? Shoot, we all got that right? Wrong. Faith, my friends, is not something you have. Faith is something you feel from the pit of your stomach all the way to your soul. Faith is what connects us to heaven. I know when I'm praying with faith because it feels different. Praying with faith causes me to shake and cry and laugh and dance and never want to stop praying. And it makes me believe. BELIEVE. The thing about faith though, the real funny thing, is that when you can reach that true, deep, unshakable faith in your prayer life, you find that you no longer want to pray about those mountains that seem so unmovable. Because when you're praying with faith you see those darn mountains for what they really are. Those mountains are your gifts from God. Those mountains will continue to draw you closer to His heart. Those mountains will make you stronger than you ever thought possible and provide you with opportunities that you would have never seen coming. Those mountains will ensure your journey is filled with beautiful, amazing, awe-inspiring stories. Stories that some day might just inspire others to get in touch with their own mountain moving (or should I say embracing) faith. So yesterday, I went to God with faith and I spent forever in the prayer chair with Him. I had so many other things pressing at me, things I needed to do but I just didn't want to leave because in that place with tears streaming down my face as I cried out to God in faith, my mountain no longer seemed like a mountain. It seemed like a beautiful adventure. So, I went out to my garage, slightly weakened from that prayer session, and I had a talk with those darn books. I laid my hands on them and I called them out. I called out DOUBT. I let them know that MY GOD IS BIGGER. And as I stand there in my garage, crying, with my hands on those stacks of books, looking like a total nut job I looked up to heaven and I spoke to God "Move. This. Mountain." Hey, let me be real honest here, those books didn't suddenly, magically disappear and thousands of dollars appear in The Love Bus bank account. Nope that totally did not happen. But, my brothers and sisters, my doubt, my fear and my worry did disappear. So, I invite you to comment here and share your mountains with me. Let's climb them together with the love of Christ and the strength of the Almighty.