I Just Can't Stop Loving Him

Listen, I was a lost soul. I was all in for myself and I didn't care who I had to hurt or what I had to do. I just wanted to be happy. I had a great job, my dream job, a big house, a loving husband and beautiful, healthy twin babies. If that can't bring a person happiness what can? Well turns out happiness is cheap and fleeting. On the outside, it was hunky dunky dory but on the inside I was discontent and even bitter. My marriage was rocky, at best, I drank to relieve stress from the job I loved, I was racking up credit card debt taking care of my big house and my favorite part of parenting was putting the kids to bed so I could sneak out to the garage and smoke a joint. Oh yeah, I was happy alright. I was empty and lost and lonely. I didn't realize then but I was trying to fill a void in my life with everything I possibly could except for the one thing that could actually relieve the pain and loneliness. That one thing was Jesus. Now, I live to serve Him because he brought me out of darkness, literally. This blog is all about my love for the Lord and the struggles that come with being a Christian and having faith, because no matter what you might have heard, if you're doing it right faith ain't easy. So, I invite you to read about my journey and I pray that you are encouraged to share your own stories. I believe this is how we gain insight and wisdom. We were never meant to travel this road alone. That's why God put so many of us, each with our own insights, on this earth. To learn, to grow, to share and to love. After all, we will be sharing eternity together so we may as well learn to get along now. So this is my story and this is me sharing my wisdom and my love for the Lord.